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Want to mention those international games in your next tweet? Mind your O's and P's and Q's. Here's Adweek's sample of their many prohibitions against business activity during the games.

But in true Minnesota spirit, carpet cleaner Zerorez is suing USOC for the right to send out witty games-related tweets to its 234 followers. It might be David vs Goliath, but you've go to admire their chutzpah.

And if you are a design history buff, check out Milton Glaser On 100 Years Of Mostly Sucky (big sporting event) Logos. When AIGA asked the graphic design legend to review every games logo since 1924, he did not hold back.

The 1936 logo is "peculiar and unpleasant." Tell us how you really feel, Milt. — Much adieu, Karen