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Restore Lilac Way

Launched in 2008, restorelilacway.com is a civic project conceived, written, designed and maintained pro bono by Karen Laukkonen. It documents the Depression-era history of quirky beehive fireplaces and seven Lilac Way roadside parks on Highway 100 in Minneapolis, MN. It also drives community support to preserve and restore the three remaining parks.

The project achieved great success in 2023.

Restore Lilac Way’s long-term support of Graeser Park paid off big time. In July 2023, the community celebrated the completion of a major 2021-23 restoration project by MnDOT’s Historic Roadside Properties Program. Its rare Depression-era beehive fireplace in Robbinsdale was beautifully restored, 11 picnic tables rebuilt from materials salvaged from lost Lilac Way parks, and the rock garden was transformed. Browse the photo albums.

Additionally, Restore Lilac Way’s three-year campaign to encourage the City of St. Louis Park to save Rock Island Park from development was a success. The community responded through emails, yard signs and a virtual rally to convince the city to accept the park from MnDOT, bringing it under the umbrella of their park system.

For the first time in decades, all remaining Lilac Way parks are safe from demolition.

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