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Website Design & Updating | Content Refresh

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Meet Karen—Website Designer and Project Manager.

Founding Laukkonen Design more than twenty years ago, Karen’s the face, heart and energy behind every project.

With a keen focus on both a brand’s big picture and the micro-management required by the latest tech bells and whistles, she keeps track of everything.

She’s a rare animal—primarily working in WordPress, she’s also skilled in multiple Content Management Systems (CMSs), which means she can pick up new ones quickly.

If your website needs a refresh or overhaul, she can jump in on any project, built in any CMS.

Restore Lilac Way


After first developing Restore Lilac Way in 2007, Karen has grown it into a recognizable brand. This volunteer project documents the history and supports restoration of 1939 WPA-built parks on Highway 100 in Minneapolis.

A Lilac Way enthusiast, she redesigned the website in 2018. It’s easy to navigate, mobile-ready, and promotes community involvement and restoration.

Managing this extensive civic project, she

  • creates and manages content for 75+ page website
  • updates restoration and preservation efforts on blog
  • creates, edits and uploads photography for 65+ photo albums
  • manages 1,100+ member Facebook group including paid ads
  • promotes through multiple social media channels
  • partners with key Lilac Way players from Robbinsdale to St. Louis Park