Launch a website that inspires you—and your bottom line.

Websites are an online front door to your business, open 24/7/365. Launching a clear, easy-to-navigate website invites visitors into your business and drives your brand forward.

Together, we’ll create an intuitive, mobile-ready website that speaks in your own voice, and increases engagement.

Call or text Karen at 952.929.1242 to get started today.

Meet Karen—Website Designer and Project Manager.

Founding Laukkonen Design more than twenty years ago, Karen’s the face, heart and energy behind every project.

With a keen focus on both a brand’s big picture and the micro-management required by the latest tech bells and whistles, she keeps track of everything.

She’s a rare animal—primarily working in WordPress, she’s also skilled in multiple Content Management Systems (CMSs), which means she can pick up new ones quickly.

If your website needs a refresh or overhaul, she can jump in on any project, built in any CMS.

Restore Lilac Way

Karen is also the designer and Lilac Way enthusiast behind Restore Lilac Way. This volunteer project documents the history and supports restoration of 1939 WPA-built parks on Highway 100 in Minneapolis.

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    Karen Laukkonen

    Website Designer. Project Manager. Gardener.


What is mobile-ready website design?
Mobile-ready websites are fluid. Just think of the images and text in your website like a liquid—moving, stacking and resizing to fill the confined screen space of a phone, tablet or desktop. The advantage? One site works seamlessly on all devices, at all sizes.

Top 5 reasons to upgrade to a mobile-ready website

HIGHER GOOGLE RANKINGS   If your website doesn’t work on mobile, your Google search engine ranking will be lower on mobile devices (and Google had nearly 85% market share on mobile devices in May 2020).

INCREASED MOBILE TRAFFIC   As of Q1 2020, 52% of global web traffic originated from mobile devices, up from 31% in 2015.

PREFERRED BROWSING EXPERIENCE   Your website visitor deserves a consistent experience, without squinting or screen-pinching to enlarge tiny type.

IMPROVED SEO   A mobile-optimized site provides improved search engine optimization (SEO).

FASTER WEB PAGES  In a world of ever-shorter attention spans, no one wants to wait for pages to load.