Documenting the history and seven quirky roadside parks of Lilac Way.

After years of launching design projects and websites for clients, Laukkonen Design’s focus is on the project to Restore Lilac Way. Launched in 2008, the project’s partnerships with local community groups and MnDOT’s Historic Roadside Properties Program has led to history-making preservation and restoration.

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Karen Laukkonen

Meet Karen—Website Designer and Project Manager.

Founding Laukkonen Design more than twenty years ago, Karen’s the face, heart and energy behind every project.

With a keen focus on both the big picture and the micro-management required by the latest tech bells and whistles, she keeps track of everything.

She’s a rare animal—idea-oriented, super-organized and deadline sensitive, she is focusing those skills on her pro bono Restore Lilac Way project. Launched in 2008, she has raised community profiles for these 1940 parks, and partnered with key players to restore and preserve the remaining parks.

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Restore Lilac Way

Restore Lilac Way logo 2023
Graeser Park logo 2023
Lilac Park logo 2023
Rock Island Park logo 2023

Since first developing Restore Lilac Way in 2007, Karen has grown it into a recognizable brand. This volunteer project documents the history and supports restoration of 1939 WPA-built parks on Highway 100 in Minneapolis.

A Lilac Way enthusiast, she redesigned the website in 2018. It’s easy to navigate, mobile-ready, and promotes community involvement and restoration.

Managing this extensive civic project, she

  • creates and manages content for 75+ page website
  • updates restoration and preservation efforts on blog
  • creates, edits and uploads photography for 65+ photo albums
  • manages 1,100+ member Facebook group including paid ads
  • promotes through multiple social media channels
  • partners with key Lilac Way players from Robbinsdale to St. Louis Park