For security reasons, the Tunisian Government decided that all pro football games (soccer in U.S.) would be played without any fans in the stands. But every team needs their fans to cheer them on. So The 12th Man App created virtual fans.

It enabled fans watching the game on tv to support their team by tapping on sound icons, which were then broadcast on 40 giant speakers in the (mostly empty) stadium. The more the fans pressed the icons, the louder the noise in the stadium became as the game played on. This remote support fostered community strength, just two years after the Arab Spring.

Watch the video below to see how it worked out for the home team, amd how they fit 93,100 Tunisian fans into a 12,000 seat stadium.

Created by Memac Ogilvy, ideas like this empower us all as they solve problems with smart solutions. It deserved the 5 silver and 2 bronze Lions that it won at Cannes. Well played — Much adieu, K.