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The Garden Oasis

Oasis. Conference room. Martini lounge. Our lush garden is a slice of heaven. We book meetings in the rose-covered pergola to squeeze every ounce out of cherished Minnesota summers. Sit back, and take a virtual tour—it’s always 72° and sunny here.

Restore Lilac Way

Restore Lilac Way Building a community to preserve history and support restoration of historical Lilac Way since 2008. The Restore Lilac Way website is a civic project conceived, researched, written, designed and maintained pro bono by Karen Laukkonen. First launched in 2008, its mission is to document the history and seven parks, support restoration…

Cardio Flow

Cardio Flow Positioning a new medical device in a competitive market. The launch of Cardio Flow’s new FreedomFlow atherectomy device required clear and precise communication to comply with a tightly regulated medical device industry. The website positions this new orbital technology as an innovation in this market. Designed to both educate the public and…