In 2020, Google plans to start telling your website visitors if your web site is slow in their Chrome web browser.

As of October 2019, their Chrome browser has a 63.8% mobile browser market share worldwide. So when they change, we change.

What does this mean?

If your website loads slowly on mobile devices, a warning message will pop up when a customer or client pulls up your company’s website in a Chrome browser.

The message may include a caution icon or the text ‘usually loads slow’.

This indicates to your audience that they may have a frustrating or unsatisfactory online experience with your company.

Your website’s traffic will decline as a result.

Left: Warning screen on a slow loading website. Right: Green progress bar above Google logo indicates a fast loading speed. Source:

What can you do?

Talk to your website team. Google will publish updates to the plan, but don’t wait to optimize your site.

To evaluate performance, have them check:

  • PageSpeed Insights, an online tool that shows speed field data for your site, alongside suggestions for common optimizations to improve it.
  • Lighthouse, a lab tool providing personalized advice on how to improve your website across performance and other best practices.

Laukkonen Design and its web developer partners will be reviewing sites to make sure they work and play well with Chrome — Much adieu, Karen