How a thrift store treasure led to a fascination with 1963 Lane Acclaim furniture.

In 2011, I bought a $10 Lane Acclaim Wedge table at a local Goodwill. At the time, I had planned to sell it. But when I put it in my living room, it looked like it belonged there.

Within twelve months, I had nine pieces. Now there are eleven. They aren’t all perfect, but they are all loved.

Designed by Andre Bus and launched in 1958, this mid-century modern furniture has Danish lines and iconic dovetailing.

Now the collection includes other Lane lines, Conant Ball and Bassett.


Lane Acclaim Panel Bed, 301-22 (headboard and footboard)

  • 5′ or 4’6″
  • FindFurnish 11.19.17
  • $100
  • Serial number 361080

Lane Acclaim Cocktail Table, 900-01

  • 19″W x 56″L x 14-1/2″H
  • (Purchase place, date) had purchased by December 2011
  • ($)
  • Serial number 162240

Lane Acclaim End Table, 900-05 (first of two)

  • 21″W x 28″L x 20″H
  • MidModMen (restored) 6.21.12
  • ($)
  • Serial number 2866090 ???????

Lane Acclaim End Table, 900-05 (second of two)

  • 21″W x 28″L x 20″H
  • MidModMen (restored), 6.21.12
  • ($)
  • Serial number 286609   ???????

Lane Acclaim Lamp Table, 900-06 (first of two)

  • 23″W x 23″L x 21″H
  • Ebay Andre/Susan Emile’s Decor 54, 10.24.11
  • $235
  • Serial number 360240

Lane Acclaim Lamp Table, 900-06  (second of two)

  • 23″W x 23″L x 21″H
  • eBay Rosemount, 11.29.19
  • $190
  • Serial number 469250

Lane Acclaim Step Table, 900-07

  • 21″W x 28″L x 21″H
  • March 6, 2012, Craigslist, Stillwater
  • ($)
  • Serial number 162240

Lane Acclaim Picture Window Table, 900-10

  • 17″W x 46″L x 26″H
  • MidModMen (restored), 6.21.12
  • $400
  • Serial number 161130

Lane Acclaim Wedge Table, 900-21 (first of two)

  • 25-1/2″ x 26-1/2″ x 18″H
  • Goodwill, 10.21.11
  • $10
  • Serial number 060220

Lane Acclaim Wedge Table, 900-21 (second of two)

  • 25-1/2″W x 26-1/2″L x 18″H
  • March 6, 2012, Craigslist, Stillwater
  • ($)
  • Serial number 166060

Lane Acclaim Drum Table, 900-22

  • 28″ dia. x 21″H
  • MidModMen (restored), 10.12.12
  • $210
  • Serial number 2960711

Lane Sweetheart Cedar Chest, Style No. 1943-50 (4020-50 has tray?)

  • w 54 1/2″ x d 17 x h19 3/4″
  • Includes working lock, key and original brochures
  • Craigslist (original owner) 12.20.19
  • $225
  • Serial number 160390

LOOKING FOR: Lane Acclaim Cedar Chest, Model 2004-50

Known for their cedar chests, Lane’s Acclaim line had this stunning chest. May have removable “matchmaker changeable front panels”.

42-1/2″W x 17″L x 19-1/2″H


Scroll through a rare 1963 Lane Acclaim catalog.

Dave, a reader at, found a complete 1963 Lane Acclaim catalog on eBay. This 3″ x 4″ booklet was hung on showroom pieces with a string.

I’m indebted to Dave and Retro Renovation for giving us all access to this historic record of Lane Acclaim’s line with 45 products.

From the 1963 Lane Acclaim catalog

“Although contemporary in classification, Acclaim furniture has a distinct hand-crafted quality that gives it unusual warmth and mellowness.

Edges are softly rounded and suggest patient hand-working, rubbing, more hand-working and rubbing to achieve the soft, sculptured contours…

Fine wood is then finished with a mellow gunstock patina, enriched in character with dovetail inlays.”

Andre Bus, designer of Acclaim Collection which launched in 1958.


Lane Acclaim Going Strong at 54 years old. MidModMen.

Vintage Lane Acclaim catalog of 48 designs. RetroRenovation.

Conant Ball Lounge Chair

Conant Ball 6 drawer dresser

Conant Ball 5 drawer highboy dresser

The Acclaim Collection: A Fifty Year Retrospective, The Kelley Gallery of 20th Century Modern Design

Retro Renovation

Other Mid Century Modern pieces

Conant Ball Furniture Co 3-drawer dresser. Russel Wright?
Bassett tallboy walnut dresser, four dovetailed drawers, pencil legs. 42”h 34”w 18”d? 34 1/4 wide x 17 3/4 deep x 43 tall? solid poplar overlaid with mahogany veneer. The pulls and legs are solid ash?

Restoring a Lane Acclaim Cocktail table

This video by Dashner Design & Restoration shows the restoration of an Acclaim coffee table.