I spend an inordinate amount of time reading on my iPad. Lately, it’s a subreddit for and about millennials called Lost Generation, a forum ‘lamenting the sorry state of the economy, the problems of an educated (and sometimes over-educated) young workforce having troubles finding employment despite “doing everything right”, and just what this generation is supposed to do when the usual markers of adulthood (kids, house, marriage) have been pushed back in the name of higher education/income potential, along with the collective reorganization of a new set of values.‘ Whew.

A recent media trend claims millennials are killing businesses— Applebee’s, golf, bars of soap, and even Costco.

This thinking is backwards. Why isn’t the headline ‘How will Costco adapt to changing buying habits of millennials?’ I find it fascinating that the market is now to blame, not the businesses that aren’t adapting to it.

Markets change. Priorities change. This generation’s combination of college debt and recession flashbacks will have an impact on their decision-making, long- and short-term. And businesses will need to cater to them, not the other way around.

So the next time you read another one of these clickbait articles, think beyond the headline. — Much adieu, Karen