May 4, 2020. Staying upbeat during COVID-19’s isolation and uncertainty has been challenging. I am grateful it happened during garden season, but miss having meals with my friends.

I came across this poignant four minute video by British artist and poet Probably Tomfoolery. As a boy asks his father to ‘tell me the story of the virus again’, it looks back on these times with a unique view.

Titled The Great Realization, it describes life before—and after—this global pandemic.

“And so when we found the cure, and were allowed to go outside,
We all preferred the world we found, to the one we’d left behind.”

His website is full of simple poems for complicated times. His motto is “In the bad, we find the good.”

This is just what many of us need. Stay safe. Stay healthy, we will get through this – Much adieu, Karen