Cardio Flow

Positioning a new medical device in a competitive market.

The launch of Cardio Flow’s new FreedomFlow atherectomy device required clear and precise communication to comply with a tightly regulated medical device industry. The website positions this new orbital technology as an innovation in this market.

Designed to both educate the public and inform the medical community, the site’s clear visuals and smart usability guide visitors through the site.

Copywriting by Nancy Blakestad. Product photography by Paul Markert and Paul Najlis.

Creative and technology services included:

  • Wireframe and sitemap to define and organize content
  • Website design
  • WordPress content management / website populating
  • Project management
  • Image creation with retouching
  • Coordination with copywriter, developer and client through site launch

FEATURE  Responsive website design for all devices

Cardio Flow’s website resizes its elements, adapting to desktop or mobile devices for a great experience. It’s easy to read and navigate, and shows up higher than competitors’ “desk-top only” websites in Google searches.

FEATURE  Macro product photography

Detailed photography of Cardio Flow’s innovative design with abrasive spheres tells their story.

FEATURE  Straightforward copy and graphics

Clear copy and simplified images help explain this complex technology.

FEATURE Board of Directors

Profiling the experienced Board members shows the depth of the people behind the device.

FEATURE  Product hotspots

Clicking on red hotspots guides viewers through key product features.