A startup to protect firefighters and the environment.

Partnering with marketing-aficionado Scott Anderson at Added Value Marketing, Laukkonen Design launched EarthClean’s responsive design website.

This fledgling company’s innovative, earth-friendly fire suppression TetraKO water enhancer knocked down wildland fires in much less time than the standard firefighting foams. Corn-based, it’s easy on the environment.

Copywriting by Scott Anderson/AVM and Tom Brandes, logo design by SeanDesign.

Creative and technology services included:

  • Wireframe and sitemap to define and organize content
  • Website design
  • WordPress content management / website populating
  • Project management
  • Image creation with retouching
  • Coordination with developer and client through site launch

FEATURE  Responsive website design

This website resizes its elements, adapting to desktop or mobile devices for an optimal experience. It’s easy to read and navigate, and shows up higher than competitors’ “desk-top only” websites in Google searches.

FEATURE  Quick visual links to key product benefits

News, products and applications. Everything a firefighter needs, right now.

FEATURE  Custom icons for environmental advantages

With a focus on the environment, TetraKO beats polymer-based fire suppressants, and phosphorus- and ammonia-based retardants, hands down.

FEATURE  Showcasing proven successes

Going beyond photos, EarthClean’s 18 Incident Reports demonstrate their product in real fire situations where seconds count.