Fraser Shipyards

Launching an online presence for a historic Great Lakes shipyard.

Long-time client Added Value Marketing brought Laukkonen Design onboard to design a new website for Fraser Shipyards. Since 1888, Fraser’s focus on Great Lakes maritime excellence in shipbuilding and repair has been unsurpassed.

Replacing an outdated website, their new site is mobile-ready, responsive and ready to grow. Highlighting their keen leadership, deep experience and detailed customer support, it positions them for long-term growth.

Copywriting by Scott Anderson/AVM and Kevin Fenton.

Creative and technology services included:

  • Wireframe and sitemap to define and organize content
  • Website design
  • WordPress content management / website populating
  • Project management
  • Image creation with retouching
  • Coordination with copywriter, developer and client through site launch
[ultimate_info_banner banner_title=”Jim Petruga, Fraser Shipyards” banner_desc=”“A mining company learned about us while attending a regional trade show. They visited our new website, watched a video about our newest capabilities, and scheduled a follow up meeting that turned into a very nice piece of new business. I’m convinced it wouldn’t have happened if they had visited our previous website.“” info_effect=”fadeIn” banner_image=”id^3003|url^|caption^null|alt^null|title^Fraser_testimonial-bg|description^null” overlay_color=”rgba(255,255,255,0.7)” ib3_border=”solid” title_color=”#555555″ title_font_size=”desktop:18px;” ib3_border_color=”#ffffff” desc_font_size=”desktop:22px;”]

FEATURE  Responsive website design for all devices

Fraser Shipyard’s website resizes its elements, adapting to desktop or mobile devices for a great experience. It’s easy to read and navigate, and shows up higher than competitors’ “desk-top only” websites in Google searches.

FEATURE  Aerial photo with featured locations

A simple ‘hotspot’ rollover shows the key areas of Fraser Shipyards on Lake Superior, including two drydocks, a new Customer Support Center, two repair berths and a machine and fabricating shop.

FEATURE  Quick Fraser facts help tell their story

Services provided by Fraser are like the ships they work on—big, and impressive.

FEATURE  Show leadership’s decades of maritime experience

Profiling the extensive experience of their team of 16 employees shows the heart behind the company, with pop-up bios and LinkedIn profiles.

FEATURE  New icon to commemorate 130 years of maritime expertise

Proud to be in business since 1888, a new icon celebrates Fraser’s history—and will look great on the back of a jacket.

FEATURE  Quick-to-scan photo galleries show the scale of their work

Customers can quickly find relevant images in the photo galleries, then click to see more detail in a large image

FEATURE  Demonstrate their strong partnerships

As part of Fraser Industries, Fraser Shipyards partners with their sister companies—Lake Assault Boats, Northern Engineering and Viant Crane—to provide strong customer support.