Highmark Builders

Custom homebuilding with a vision.

Highmark’s website combined clear messaging, consistent branding and gorgeous photography to drive new custom home and remodeling projects.

It was fluid and flexible—updated to promote home tour events, and designed to reflect Highmark’s evolving business. Site is currently managed in-house.

Creative and technology services included:

  • Wireframe and sitemap to define and organize content
  • Website design
  • Joomla content management / site populating
  • Project management
  • Image creation with retouching
  • Coordination with copywriter, developer and client through site launch

FEATURE  Responsive web design for clients on-the-go

Highmark’s website resized its elements, adapting to desktop or mobile devices for a great experience. Easy to read and navigate, it showed up higher than competitors’ “desk-top only” websites in Google searches.

FEATURE  Focused menu and header

Visitors could quickly access the Home Tours & Events icon for up-to-date info on home tours.

FEATURE  Extensive photo galleries drive traffic

Photos speak volumes, and clients can’t get enough of them. The site made it easy to save favorites to a Houzz or Pinterest account, building brand engagement.

FEATURE  Bird’s eye videos 

Video marketing increases engagement. Featuring Highmark’s aerial videos was one more way to elevate them above the competition.