December 7, 2020. The global pandemic has brought a lot of change, and a lot of pain. The loss of so many family members, overstretched hospitals, quarantines and masks. People miss their families, their traditions, their normalcy.

For the travel industry, it is a disaster.

  • Since the beginning of March, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in $481 billion in cumulative losses for the U.S. travel economy.
  • The continual depressed level of travel spending has resulted in a loss of $61.8 billion in federal, state, and local tax revenue since March 1.
  • According to the latest data from STR, hotel occupancy was 35% on Thanksgiving Day 2020, which is 38% lower than Thanksgiving Day 2019.

Travel webcams provide a chance for virtual travel, without the jet lag.

Watch a few of the travelcams below for a mini-break. Surfing, diving, manatees, safari. And check out for more options.

I missed my annual sailing trip to the Apostle Islands in 2020 year, but am aiming for 2021. Until then, we hope for better days – Much adieu, Karen

Pipeline Cam powered by

Welcome to the Banzai Pipeline – one of the most infamous surf breaks in the world. Watch live and learn more about Pipeline.

Anacapa Ocean – Channel Islands National Park Cams powered by

This undulating kelp forest off the coast of Anacapa Island is one of a kind. Watch live and learn more about kelp and the animals you’ll find in this marine forest.

Homosassa Springs Underwater Manatees powered by

This underwater camera dives into Homosassa Springs to open a window into the crystal clear Florida water where Florida’s most beloved aquatic mammal, the West Indian Manatee, swims with a jubilee of fish through crystal clear water.

Africam Tembe Elephant Park powered by

Situated in an area that was once the ancient ‘Ivory Route’ linking Mozambique and Zululand, Tembe Elephant Park is renowned for having the largest elephants in Africa – and the planet.